Welcome to my blog page. I hope you enjoy finding out about my skating and positive mindset journey. You will find out how I became British Champion and what it took both physically and mentally. Also how I now combine my lifetime of sporting experience with today's need for positive mindset within sport and daily life. 

I feel so passionate about sharing a lifetime's journey and through the thick and thin, despite all the setbacks and events that life throws at us all. Most importantly if you would love me to write a blog on anything specific, please do get in touch 


A Child’s view

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A child's view - Jennifer Barnfield

Let’s wake up, shout for joy, do our happy dances & see life from a child’s view!!! 💃🏼🕺🏼 It’s interesting, fun and we are all able to relate to snippets at the very least of our childhood. Seek out what you loved as a child, remember how that made you feel inside…then find those feelings again!


Empowering your week ahead

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Empowering your week ahead with a DOSE of happy chemicals! Last night I sat watching the beautiful sun set over the beach and I begin to plan my week ahead. I couldn’t help but think how excited and grateful I am to wake up to another Monday. So I thought I would share how empowering your […]


International Women’s Day 2018

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Jennifer Barnfield - International Women's Day 2018

International Women’s Day in 2018, I would like to share a message of importance with you all.   From the working woman to the stay at home woman, the woman who works away to the woman who is always around. You all rock, full stop Here something I want to share with each and every […]


My first steps on the ice

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Jennifer Barnfield - Getting my skates on

Learning to ice skate “I want to do that,” were the words I uttered whilst standing underneath the kitchen table, aged 3. Watching Torvill and Dean compete in the World Professional Championships, they were my words. “I want to start learning to ice skate.” My desire of learning to ice skate began to burn, here’s […]

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