Let’s wake up, shout for joy, do our happy dances & see life from a child’s view!!! ????

It’s interesting, fun and we are all able to relate to snippets at the very least of our childhood. Seek out what you loved as a child, remember how that made you feel inside…then find those feelings again!

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❓How many times have you heard a child say “why” & thought seriously, stop asking questions??

Well, why should they stop? If we don’t question anything we never learn, discover & grow.

❗️If we don’t question things, what we do learn is to accept the way in which we are told to live & believe.

We flatline in our intuitiveness, our learning growth, our happiness.

Instead of accepting that someone else’s beliefs are exactly that…theirs, NOT ours!

Through accepting someone else’s view of how we should behave, we diminish our inner ability to create our own beliefs, find our own views & better our learning each day.

By not allowing ourselves to flourish, we are wasting our incredible abilities.

As a young child, we learn & question EVERYTHING & wake up EACH & EVERY day like it’s a brand new start.

So take note of this…

Listen to yourself, listen to what makes you feel good, do what makes your heart sing, are your boundaries in place that keep your morals safe & eject those out of your life who only weigh you down with their self-limiting beliefs & words – it’s only a reflection of their self-talk…NOT yours!

?Happy Friday People!?