Combining 20 years of experience I can show you how to effectively communicate and create a positive mindset for life.

I am a Business Wales mentor and have featured in Top Santè, Baileys Global Commercials, Manchester Evening News, Business News Wales, Radio Aire, UK Health Radio, and BGM Radio servicing hospitals speaking on Mental Health.

It's About Time - Keynpte Speaker - Jennifer Barnfield
Keynote Speeches

Available for keynote speeches, talks and inspiration for your audience with experience in front of an intimate 50-100 right through to over 3,000.

Whether you need lived-experience talks on topics such as Domestic Violence, Homelessness to Happiness, Competitive Sports Mindset and my journey.

Or you’re looking for inspiration and motivation – here I use the all-important combination of Positivity, Empowerment, Power (inner confidence) and Productivity to raise and ignite your audience, customers, clients or pupils.

I have spoken for Natwest, Ministry of Defence and the Field Army, Introbiz to name a few, the education sector – both the state and independent sector, and many clients and companies in between.

Get in touch to book or find out more. (At the moment my keynote talks and speeches are online unless face to face is possible)

Keynote Speaker - Jennifer Barnfield
Keynote Speaker - Jennifer Barnfield
Keynote Speaker - Jennifer Barnfield
Jennifer Barnfield - Educational & Motivational Speaking
Online Mindset training and workshops

(face to face available upon request)

Mindset and Mindfulness are part of what makes up having a healthy Mental Health.

Positive mindsets are one of the most important topics we can teach and share with the younger generations of today. Mental Health Care is the same as Physical Health Care and Medical Health Care. 

It is the pro-active approach to equipping people with the Mindset and Mindfulness information and techniques to create strong, confident, calm and peaceful minds.

A reactive approach is too late, better to do something rather than nothing, but sometimes it’s too late. Pro-active approaches to mindset can hugely impact and lessen the mental health struggles many adults (and children) suffer from in today’s world.

By introducing Mindset training and equipping your students and staff with the knowledge of how to form Positive minds, which empower themselves as well as others, create an air of self-belief and confidence (known as inner Power) and then combining all three (positivity, empowerment and power) each individual becomes far more Productive in their journey through life.

This is what the PEPP Method is – Positivity, Empowerment, Power, Productivity.

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PEPP Workbook - Jennifer Barnfield
Jennifer Barnfield - 121 Coaching The PEPP™ Method way
121 sessions

These sessions are available via online video calling and can include a follow-up email.

These sessions are to support individuals in finding YOUR version of positivity and confidence.

Also available through High Calibre Collective in collaboration with James Cluskey.

For more information either email: or if you’re a corporate company and would like support for your staff pop over to the High Calibre Collective for more details.

For more information on The PEPP Method click here.