Hi there! 

If you are looking for inspiration, card pack creating and to find out more about me, Jennifer Barnfield, then you’re in the right place.

By looking further, you will become empowered, excited to light up your clients’ mindsets by creating a deck of cards with actionable and implementable steps for business or life.

And also who I am and what I am about!

I’m not just a pretty face, I am a National and International ice skater, a public speaker and mindset workshop host with a passion for positivity which I intend to spread far and wide.

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She Who Dares

Jennifer Barnfield – No1 Bestselling Co-Author of She Who Dares.

Affirmation Cards For Kids - Jennifer Barnfield - The PEPP Method

Affirmation Cards for Kids

Increase your childs positive language

Jennifer Barnfield - Spinningfields Ice Rink

Jennifer Barnfield

British Ice Dancing Champion

Welcome to My Website

Wow, I am so excited you’re here.

  • Firstly, I have a huge passion for positivity and empowering others!

I help business owners and entrepreneurs to create card decks (think affirmation cards, oracle cards, cards for social media, content ideas, cards for brides getting married, from mental health to videography and photography, the opportunity is endless)

Imagine your expertise, in bullet-pointed, actionable, inspiring content in a card deck for your clients to implement each and every day in without you needing to be there 24/7. They get you, in a card deck, in their pocket, on their desk, or in the handbag instead.

  • Secondly, I make it my daily mission to make someone laugh. smile or enlightened.

Whether this is through the comedy my family never ceases to provide, my enjoyment of spending time with my friends, attending charity events, sharing my love of magnetic eyelashes or panoramic views of the beautiful beach and forest surroundings in which I live.

  • Thirdly, I aim to leave you, and everyone who visits this website feeling empowered and inspired.

There are various ways you can work with me, however, they’re all underpinned by a method I created.

The PEPP Method.

Throughout this website, you will find details on my lifelong passion for creating a positive mindset, how to work with me and also my Figure Skating journey.

Who am I?

I’m Jennifer Barnfield – British Ice Dance Champion and Motivational Speaker and bestselling co-author of She Who Dares.

Figure Skating and Positive Mindset are two huge passions have been my absolute rock throughout my competitive career, parenthood and personal life. These experiences have shown me the strength, determination and focus we all have inside of us to succeed.

I have experienced every emotion and thought process possible in an incredibly tough sport, which has a permanent place deep in my heart. These emotions have enabled me to produce the most Positive and Mindful courses, workshops, public speaking opportunities, and entrepreneurial card packs.

All follow the structure of my PEPP Method and are learning tools and opportunities now available for you to experience, enjoy and learn from.

You can follow me on Facebook or on Instagram.

British Senior Ice Dance Champion 2005

Welsh Champions Gala 2005

Scottish Championships 2004 

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