Wow, I am so excited to share with you two lifelong passions, Figure Skating and Positive Mindset. I’m Jennifer Barnfield – British Ice Dance Champion and Motivational Speaker and bestselling co-author of She Who Dares.

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Figure Skating and Positive Mindset are two huge passions have been my absolute rock throughout my competitive career, parenthood and personal life. These experiences have shown me the strength, determination and focus we all have inside of us to succeed.

I have experienced every emotion and thought process possible in an incredibly tough sport, which has a permanent place deep in my heart. These emotions have enabled me to produce the most Positive and Mindful courses & workshop using my ‘PEPP™ Method’ and learning tools now available for you to experience, enjoy and learn from.

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What is The PEPP™ Method?

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Bring The Joy

Hi, I would love you to join me where I aim to help you 'Bring the Joy' to each and every day. 
With over 3 decades of personal experience in an incredibly demanding sport, I have developed growth mindset abilities and personal belief systems.
These abilities and systems I now look forward to sharing with you and helping you 'Bring the Joy' into your life, to live your best version possible. 

British Senior Ice Dance Champion 2005

Welsh Champions Gala 2005

Scottish Championships 2004


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Tony Boynton Owner at Ice Aid Management
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Denise Welch Actress and Television Presenter
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Roxanne Pallet Actress
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