Where’s Your Head At?

Mental Health AWareness Day - Jennifer Barnfield

Mental health day awareness is more than a day to be made aware! Where’s your head at is more than a catchy phrase, it’s a genuine where are you up to? How are you doing? Waat can I do to help.

?It’s a day to take ACTION and support!

?It’s not sharing a status, it’s getting off your arse and actually being helpful!??

?It’s a day to MAKE a difference for the rest of yours and someone else’s life and be the one who influences others that mental health is NOT the ‘lergy’ it’s an ACTUAL situation in which people ACTUALLY NEED SUPPORT!

?I’m so so done with friends and family who shun those struggling! (and have deleted many in the virtual world and in reality too)

?Literally my old self would want to back-hand some! But NO…now I’m like see-ya!

Why ‘see-ya’?

?Because when you’re feeling down – you feel like no one wants to help, when you feel in need of help – you become too paralysed to say anything and ask for help, when your head is at the bottom of the barrel and the only way out is to drown in that barrel – the last thing you’re going to do is ask for help because that’s how people got there in the 1st place!


❤️That’s called UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!❤️

Give it!!

??So let’s be that change in society where we help people we know as much as those we don’t.

??The cleaner is just as important as the CEO!

??The homeless man has just as much feeling as the one living in luxury!

❤️Let’s become the dependable society where our arms are open because we care, not because we want something in return!❤️

So where’s your head at? Mental health awarenes is so important!

Too many times I’ve heard “I did x/y/z and never got anything back”

Don’t be so damn selfish! Give love, give hope and give unconditionally!

Please! ??

To many suicides, too much ignorance, too many hoops to jump through for those who need help ASAP, too many people not giving a shit and too much social media ‘perfect life’ bullshit!


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