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International Women’s Day in 2018, I would like to share a message of importance with you all.


From the working woman to the stay at home woman, the woman who works away to the woman who is always around. You all rock, full stop

Here something I want to share with each and every woman out there

Call it a gift from me, to you…

W – Winning – no matter how you feel in life. Remember your here, you’re alive and your track record of getting through the good, bad and ugly days are currently at 100%. This means your winning in life

O – Okay – for some reason we always say we’re okay. Even when we’re not. Believe me, it’s ok not to be ok sometimes. Talk, share and ask for help, ask for support or a shoulder to cry on. And if you’re a woman who can give this then offer it. The gift and power from one woman to another of support really, truly is more than special.

M – Motivate – even if you don’t feel like it, I know you have the power within you to not only motivate yourself but also others around you. That is your inner gift. As a woman we will always find a way forwards, fix it and move on. We may dwell on the inevitable but eventually we hold our heads up high, wake up the next morning and carry on! That is Epic.

E – Equality – as women equality is and always has been in our hearts. But remember always be caring honest, true to your morals and just be yourself. We will stand strong together, support each other, love one another, we may let negatives into life – that’s normal – but we lift each other up. Each and every time another woman needs it.

Where there is a need for a solution, there will always be a woman halfway to solving it

N – Nourish – you have the power inside you to not only survive everything life throws at you, but you have the power inside to nourish yourself.

Nourish your body with foods that make you happy and healthy.

You can Nourish your heart with love for yourself and share that love with everyone you meet.

And don’t forget to Nourish your head with belief in yourself as a woman. A beautiful, powerful, self-loving, conscious, wonderful woman.

So from me to you and each and every woman we all meet I’ll share one last thing – bring the love, bring the happiness and bring the joy …to each and every day, and then share it!