Empowering your week ahead with a DOSE of happy chemicals!

Last night I sat watching the beautiful sun set over the beach and I begin to plan my week ahead. I couldn’t help but think how excited and grateful I am to wake up to another Monday. So I thought I would share how empowering your week ahead can be done.


The day so many people dread and the day everyone loves to hate. In fact, Monday is the only day of the week where there are more social media posts of dread than anything else. Yet we forget that it is another day in work, be it employed or self-employed, and is actually another day we are all blessed.

Blessed to see the daylight, our nearest and dearest, our family, our colleagues, the beautiful surroundings we live in.

We as a family give gratitude each day because it lifts our mind, our body and soul to a feeling of calm and contentment. This is a conversation between my son and I…We are grateful for so many simple things in life because they always lift our subconscious mind up to a level where our happy thoughts are like seeds being planted that create neurochemicals known as DOSE.

I’ll explain below…but firstly, if we are in control of who we are, our thoughts and our actions, then we get to decide.

It is up to us to decide to react in a way that creates a positive outcome.

We Can Choose To Be Happy!

Trying isn’t the whole picture, trying is part of it.

Speaking from experience and trying to be happy is almost impossible BUT when I started saying gratitudes every morning it was incredibly overwhelming and weirdly sent a positive tingle through my body!

Here’s a few I say;

  • Thank you for the roof over my head which keeps me warm and dry.
  • Thank you for the food in the cupboards that keeps me healthy and gives me energy.
  • Thank you for the bed I sleep in and the covers which keep me warm and comfortable.
  • Thank you for the clothes I have to wear.

Simple, easy gratitudes (G-Bombs) – most of us forget these and focus on what want and therefore don’t have. Focusing on what we have and dropping G-Bombs for those is powerful and what’s also powerful is dropping G-Bombs in the present tense for something we desire.

When we use the present tense in our gratitudes, our mind thinks as though we already have it. The reason being that our subconscious mind is subjective, so when our conscious mind plants seeds of gratitude in the present tense it has already convinced our subconscious into a state of believing. Our subconscious mind obeys our conscious commands.

Plant flowers not weeds in your subconscious mind.

So what is DOSE?

1) Dopamine – the anticipation of happiness. Found in almonds, bananas, avocados, eggs, beans, fish, and chicken, just to name a few.

2) Oxytocin – the empathetic side to our happiness. A hormone that helps relax and reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels. Known as the love hormone! Get your daily dose by touch, hugs, massage, fragrances, lighting and maintaining a supportive network around you.

3) Serotonin – the “good mood” chemical where our gut produces 80%. Try eating foods that contain tryptophan such as eggs, cheese, tofu, pineapples, salmon, nuts and seeds, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

4) Endorphins – the “flight or fight” side to our ability in powering through to maintain happiness. Reach for dark Chocolate, spicy foods, enjoy a laugh with others and exercise regularly.

These all play a different role in our ability to control and improve our daily happiness, which all are vital and all are in our control.

How awesome to know that we are totally in control of our own happiness!

Wow! Think about that.

If we are in control then we get to decide and we can choose to be happy. It is our choice to react in a way that creates a positive outcome.

So I hope this helps and contributes towards empowering your week ahead. Let yourself be uplifted, positively empowered and increase your DOSE of happiness each day!

We Can Choose To Be Happy!


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