The PEPP™ Method is owned and run by Jennifer Barnfield who is a British, British Adult (over 21’s), Welsh, Scottish Ice Dance Champion. With an incredible winner’s attitude and mentality, she unlocks people’s true potential using a range of proven techniques during a 4 hour, tailor-made workshop.

Jennifer has 12 years of coaching a huge variety of clients both on and off the ice. Her coaching experience has covered a wide range of abilities and includes coaching a completely visually impaired young gentleman to skate, from scratch, to the sound of her voice.

Having faced many challenges throughout her life. From being homeless at 18 to juggling a full time ‘on & off-ice’ training programme and competing in the British Ice Dance Championships with a 3 year old who had just started school. Enduring years of domestic violence, many many house moves and a close move to America to potentially pursue her skating career, Jennifer has successfully channelled her strengths into the incredibly powerful PEPP™ Method.

Her huge ‘I Can’ attitude and influences always leaves other feeling Positive, Empowered, Powerful and Productive.

Nothing can stop YOU unless YOU stop yourself.

What is The PEPP™ Method?

Learn and develop the PEPP™ Method to be able to implement it each and every day.

The power of Positive thinking, Manifestation and putting these into practice.

Confidence building and presenting opportunities.

Breaking down obstacles and overcoming both work and personal challenges.

Creation of a personalised vision board.

Jennifer Barnfield - Motivational Talks
Jennifer Barnfield - Introduction to The PEPP™ Method
Jennifer Barnfield - The PEPP™ Method
Jennifer Barnfield - Personalisation Visualisation
Jennifer Barnfield - 121 Coaching The PEPP™ Method way
Jennifer Barnfield - PEPP™ Talk Sessions
Jennifer Barnfield - The PEPP™ Method