Why Jen?

Denise Welch - Actress & Television Presenter

Jennifer Barnfield, Why Jen? - Denise Welch

Why Jen?

I met Jennifer at Spinningfields Ice Rink around 2010 when  were introduced by Tony Boynton who had worked with her for several years. 

After showing me the basics and somehow making ice skating feel normal, I was pretty much off. A few wobbles, but that was to be expected. Jennifer was so enthusiastic, passionate and I don't think she stopped smiling throughout teaching me.

Skating on a thin piece of metal would normally seem totally insane to the average Joe, but when you meet Jennifer, she just simplifies the basics and you leave smiling from ear to ear!

From my first proper steps on the ice with Jennifer, learning moves I never thought possible, to Dancing On Ice with Matt Evers, I must say a passion was ignited so much so that skating features have been the main show for my Charity Gala's on two occasions.

Thanks Jennifer for the confidence, the passion and the positivity you fired up inside of me! 

Gemma Jackson - Business Development Manager

Jennifer Barnfield, Why Jen? - Gemma Jackson (Pupil)

Why Jen?

I’ve had the utter joy and pleasure of knowing Jen for 4 years, and her coaching is what kept me returning to the Leeds ice skating classes each year.

She has a great way of breaking down what appears to be difficult skates moves into small achievable parts and she gently encourages you to push yourself further each time. She knows what is achievable and manages to bring out the best in you, it like she has a magic wand at times and she has helped me to achieve things I didn’t think I would be capable of. I know I would not be able to skate as well as I can if it wasn’t for Jen’s coaching and encouragement along the way.

She makes learning to skate fun, and has a lovely easy manner and can you can’t help but smile when she is coaching you – even if you end up on the ice as part of the learning! I found myself really looking forward to my lessons each week and she made me so much more confident on the ice.

Anyone lucky enough to be  coached by Jen will find themselves achieving unimaginable things and having a brilliant time along the way.

Tony Boynton - Owner of Ice Aid Management Ltd

Jennifer Barnfield, Why Jen? - Tony Boynton - Ice Aid

Emma & Richard Haslett

jennifer Barnfield, Why Jen? - Emma & Richard

Why Jen?

We first met Jennifer when we signed up for group skating lessons. We found her teaching style fun and easy to understand.

She is able to break down the technical elements of each skating skill with a very personable style that makes understanding lessons simple and fun.

Jennifer’s lessons make learning a new skill, as an adult, a special and exciting experience and we would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to skate. Especially as she’s as tornado of smiles and positivity.

Caroline Vernon

Jennifer Barnfield - testimonial from Caroline Vernon

Jen is not only an incredible skater but also an incredible teacher. As someone who isn’t sporty I was really nervous but she taught me with such ease. I went from holding onto the sides to doing jumps and turns and lifts in about 3 hours  and I would never have thought that were possible! Everyone was genuinely amazed when they saw us perform. Thank you so much for all of your help and for making the process so fun!

Ant Arthur

Jennifer Barnfield - Testimonial from Ant Arthur

After being presented with an ice skating challenge to launch the pop-up rink in Leeds, I panicked about putting on a performance given the time restraints. Jen made the whole situation calming and straight forward. She focused me on the basics, quickly pushing me so that in just a few sessions she was able to develop our skill level to a point where we could confidently deliver a figure skating performance. Working with Jen was a delight and I’d have never thought I’d have come away from this experience with a love for ice skating.

Roxanne Pallet - Actress

Jennifer Barnfield, Why Jen? - Roxanne Pallett