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The PEPP™ Method

*Certified PEPP™ Practitioner*

This specialised practitioners course is for those with a desire to learn a new and original method which will add value to your current coaching, teachings and methods used.

It is perfect for those looking to expand their knowledge surrounding positive psychology, mindset practices and empowerment.

By understanding The PEPP™ Method and how to integrate it into current methods, you will be able to create positively filled and empowered individuals, teams and workforces with powerful and productive results.

Diving seriously deep into understanding the inspirational PEPP™ Method will enable you to discover how to guide and support others to create a hugely powerful visualisation of their future desires and how it looks.

An Introduction to The PEPP™ Method

Understand the outline of The PEPP™ Method and create the start of your Positively PEPP™ inspired future. Start here to find out or jump straight in with The PEPP™ Method Signature Course.

PEPP™ inspired Personal Visualisation

Take The PEPP™ Method to a new level. With the outline of PEPP™ to follow this will allow you to create your very own PEPP™ inspired visualisation. Whether this is on a board, in a book or on your computer, you will be able to create a clear, distinctive, visualisation of your true desires for your future. This could be personally centred, family orientated, or in business.

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Educational Course

A course developed and designed by

Jennifer Barnfield


Dr Laura Radcliffe

Mindfulness and Positivity

A course developed and designed by

Jennifer Barnfield


Julie Britton.