Helping you to help yourself, your business, your daily life and others around you.

Is it you, your team or business with the desire to improve positivity, empowerment, power and productivity with passion and confidence? Supporting, growing and instilling a positive mindset is her huge passion!

Whether you’re looking for yourself, an educational establishment or you’re part of a business or company, Jennifer can help you.

Online courses and coaching - The PEPP™ Method
Jennifer Barnfield - Keynote Speaker

Jennifer Barnfield is an International Silver medalist and British, Welsh, Scottish and British Adult Champion Ice Dancer. With an incredible winner’s attitude and mentality, she unlocks people’s true potential using a range of proven techniques.

Jennifer has 12 years of coaching a huge variety of clients, both on and off the ice, this covers a wide range of abilities, including a completely visually impaired young gentleman whom she taught to skate from scratch and follow the sound of her voice.

Having faced many challenges along life paths, including being homeless to juggling a full time on and off ice training programme and competing at National Ice Dance level with a 3year old just starting school, domestic violence, many house moves and a close move to America to potentially pursue her skating career.

With herself having a huge I Can attitude, she very easily influences and strengthens the belief systems. Therefore helping you to become the best version of yourself.

Nothing can stop YOU unless YOU stop yourself.