Creating Card Packs - The Course - Jennifer Barnfield
Card Deck Publishing Course and Print - from £995

Over the course of eight masterclasses and workshops, we will guide you through every stage of the process as well as answer all your burning questions.

We will support you from Planning to Publishing and the course INCLUDES 50 decks of A7 cards, up to 56 cards per deck and an 8-page leaflet.

Tarot and Oracle size decks are available upon request after completion of payment.

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Creating Card Packs - 121 Package- Jennifer Barnfield
4 x 121 Card Deck Sessions - £595

Helping you to get started and understand the processes of planning to publishing with my support.

Taking you from the idea stage through to printing and publishing your card deck.

(Printing costs NOT included and can start from £700 for 50 decks, tuck box, 50 cards per deck)

Book here: jen@jenniferbarnfield.com

Creating Card Packs - Done For You - Jennifer Barnfield
'Done For You' Package Details - Prices start from £3495

4+ 121 sessions taking you from planning through to publishing  your card decks.

You write the content and send it to us to format. We will discuss your designs /illustration needs and provide a quote for the work if needed.

You will receive 1 test pack to check plus the printing of up to 50 decks of A7 size cards (up to 52 cards per deck), with a 4 page leaflet, in a tuck box. (for larger cards, larger quantities, or a different box the price will increase – this can be discussed at the start)

We have you covered from the planning to publishing and launching to your customers and clients.